disposable vapes

Best Disposable Vapes

Disposables that are simple, yet amplify your style!

If you’re new to the vaping world, disposable vapes are great because you can mix and match your product selection around your style of vaping. Disposables have become ubiquitous at dispensaries and are widely used in vaping culture.

We have designed and built disposable vape pen that vape diverse oils and extracts. Disposable devices typically consist of one piece and are not refillable. The battery is generally attached to a sealed cartridge, or pod and mouthpiece.

We offer a variety of disposables, that you can fill with your oils, disillate, or live resin to create the experience you want. Perhaps you want a disposable that vapes a thicker viscosity, then you might want a disposable with a more powerful battery, like the Zeta, or the VA01 and VA02. Our simplistic designs, always empower you to keep a discreet profile while vaping.

Two of our disposables are more popular for design and style. The VA01, and the VA02, are both are rechargeable along with design and performance that will amplify your vaping experience. Choose the pen you want, dispose and switch styles. The VA01 and the VA02 became VAPETIZER projects that had the core intention to make a statement. Imagine dank vibes in your hand, flowing through your body, then caressing your lips, this is how you Vape Different.

Choosing between designs can be complicated, given the quantity required for purchase. We currently sell our disposables in bulk, or wholesale, depending on the size of your order. Compare the options on the website and contact us for any questions you might have.